Our Purpose🚀 

🚚 Getting the Customer Experience from good to great, By creating a world of hassle-free Deliveries

                      🚀 What we believe in

Our mission is to create a level playing field for all parties involved in delivery, which is why we're always on the hunt for talented individuals to join us on this exciting journey. We call these go-getters "loxstronauts," and they're an essential part of our team. As we continue to hit milestones, we never forget to celebrate our accomplishments together.

At Lox, we're all about learning, growing, and thriving in an environment that's diverse and brimming with ambition. If you're excited to level up your skills and make an impact alongside a group of passionate and driven peers, don't hesitate to reach out. Are you ready for a rollercoaster ride?

Because we are first and foremost a team

At our company, we're all about adventure--the kind that doesn't just involve staring at a computer screen for eight hours a day! We're all about work-life balance, growing both professionally and personally, and creating an office vibe that's so friendly you'll wonder if we spiked the water cooler with happy pills.

Already in the early stage of Lox the founders knew that they wanted to build a company where culture would be the pillar and motor to development. Development of the company but mainly also of the team members.

At Lox we’ve created a space where no what you are doing today what you want to achieved tomorrow is up to you and we will help you pursue it the best we can.

Sneak peek at our inspiring workplace 🌍

In the European Capital 2016 : Rotterdam ⚡️

                                      This is Where You Come In

Take a look around—if you see a position that quickens your pulse, we want to hear from you.